Alpin Raft Gift Certificates

How to buy a present for a friend that loves adventure? 

What to give someone who prefers to spends time outside?

Why is it so difficult to surprise your most spontaneous friend?

What can you give someone who already seems to have it all?


There is one simple trick to answer these questions:

Focus on giving an experience!


Alpin Raft gift certificates

Guaranteed to make hearts beat faster!

Purchase a gift certificate and send your friends and family on a mission with Alpin Raft. You can now purchase a voucher for our most popular summer activities, including canyoning, river rafting and bungy jumping. A shot of adrenaline helps sooth the adventurous minds of your friends and family. Remember, it's not the gift but the experience that lasts forever. 

How to purchase a gift certificate?

Step 1. Choose an activity from below
Step 2. Purchase the gift certificate online
Step 3. Receive the gift certificate via email

How to redeem a gift certificate/voucher?

Step 1. Go to the activity on
Step 2. Select a day and time of choice  
Step 3. Enter the voucher code as payment
Step 4. Receive the booking confirmation via email


Don't like to purchase or redeem the voucher online? No problem - Just send a message to or call us via +41 (0)33 823 41 00 or +41 (0)79 334 62 02. We look forward talking to you in person! 


Canyoning Chli Schliere - Gift certificate

CHF 189

There is always that one friend or family member that likes to push the limit. A person who gets a kick out of leaving the comfort zone and who loves the thrill of adrenaline. The perfect gift for this friend? A gift voucher for a full-day canyoning trip through the Chli Schliere!


Canyoning in Chli Schliere:

This is the ultimate canyoning adventure you can book in this region! Chli Schliere has high rappels, extreme glacier carved waterslides and an endless number of huge jumps making this a varied and intense experience. This canyon is physically demanding and is suitable for athletic people who want to be challenged.


CHF 159

Do you have friends coming to visit you in 2018? Skip the line for the gondola and take them on a spectacular adventure through the Swiss Alps. The gift vouchers for our canyoning trip through the Grimsel provides a healthy dose of adrenaline in the most captivating environment. 


Canyoning in Grimsel:

With its amazing rock formations and stunning mountain scenery, the Grimsel canyon is one of the most stunning locations to canyon in the world. The Grimsel trip starts with a 50m rappel and continues with amazing jumps, awesome ziplines and cool slides. This Canyon is suitable for most people.


CHF 119

Do you know someone who could use a bit of adventure in their life? Well here's the perfect chance to introduce someone to adventure! Purchase a gift certificate for a canyoning trip in Saxeten. No previous experience required and full instruction is given by our guides.

Canyoning in Saxeten

Located just a few yards away from our base in Interlaken, we consider the canyon of Saxeten to be our second home. You will experience plenty of action while you travel through the narrow gorges with plenty of opportunities to jump, slide and rappel down rocks and waterfalls.


CHF 119

Surprise your never-ageing family members and childlike friends with a gift certificate for a rafting trip down to the Lütschine river. We like to call it the greatest white-water playground of the Swiss Alps! The glacial snow melts in the summer which creates a wild river with exhilarating rapids. 


Rafting down the Lütschine

Rafting is great fun – rain or shine.  No previous experience is necessary, as you receive full instructions from your qualified guides on the day.Note: this trip is more suitable for adults 16 yrs and over, however exceptions can be made on the day depending on water levels and the guides decision.


CHF 189

3 - 2 - 1 - GO! Our gift certificates for bungy jumping in Stockhom are the ultimate rush you can give. The ideal present for daredevils, adrenaline junkies, fierce superheroes and husbands who are all talk but no action. They might hate you for it before but are guaranteed to thank you after!


Bungy jumping in Stockhom 

We take you on a trip to one of the most breathtaking and unusual bungy sites in the world. The Stockhom mountain is located in the Swiss Alps in close distance to Interlaken, the European adventure capital. You are lifted 134m up in a mountain gondola, the doors open and you take the plunge; leaping and freefalling towards the pristine mountain lake Stockensee. Enjoy the rush of a lifetime before our experienced jumpmaster lowers you slowly down into the waiting boat, and remember to smile for the camera!